Section 11-98-1


Section 11-98-2

Districts; creation; composition; powers and duties.

Section 11-98-3

The digits 911 established as primary emergency telephone number.

Section 11-98-4

Board of commissioners.

Section 11-98-4.1

Board created; composition; powers and duties.

Section 11-98-5

Monthly statewide 911 charge.

Section 11-98-5.1

(Repealed effective October 1, 2013) Maximum tariff rates.

Section 11-98-5.2

911 Fund.

Section 11-98-5.3

Prepaid wireless telephone service.

Section 11-98-6

Disposition of funds.

Section 11-98-7

Reimbursement of CMRS providers from 911 Fund.

Section 11-98-7.1

(Repealed effective October 1, 2013) Phase II Fund

Section 11-98-7.2

Alabama Emergency Communication District Long-Range Study Commission.

Section 11-98-8

(Repealed effective October 1, 2013) CMRS Duties of providers; service charges.

Section 11-98-9

Technical proprietary information.

Section 11-98-10

Restrictions on 911 use; secondary backup emergency number authorized;
certain automatic alerting devices connected to network prohibited; possible penalties for misuse.

Section 11-98-11

Methods of response to emergency calls.

Section 11-98-12

Release of audio recording; public records; transcript.

Section 11-98-13

Biennial audit.

Section 11-98-13.1

Permanent Oversight Commission on 911.

Section 11-98-14

Sunset provision.

Section 11-98-15 

Reimbursement for unused funds retained for 911 Board administrative expenses; annual costs.

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